Founded by Mr. Basam Selmy in 1998, ITALIAN LIGHT
has served members of the royal family and other
prestigious clients across the region and has also partnered
with major European manufacturers to deliver exquisite
materials worldwide, becoming one of the most pioneer
lighting companies in the UAE.

We provide our customers with the leeway of
choosing to tailor make or customize any design they
desire. Our clients are appreciative of the advantages we
offer as:

One-stop, full-source supplier!


We aim to enlighten
our customers with sound advice and guidance in utilizing lighting in a variety of places.
We encourage the enhancement
of space by coinciding daylight and
artificial light in a proportionate ratio.


It’s our goal to awaken a new mindset on the affordability of lighting and how it can influence, enhance, and create an illustrious ambiance.
Italian light constructs a solid link
between outstanding quality, price, and services!


An organization is only as good as its employees.
They are our most valued assets and we believe that we should always qualify them to meet our valued customer’s requirements.

Our Suppliers are our business partners. We believe that our relationship must be based on mutual respect and benefit and therefore have the responsibility to foster long term security, direct relations, and increased potential, in return for quality products and performance reliability .

ITALIAN LIGHT deals with the following ‘Reputed Brands’ of light fittings:

✓ TEC MAR, ITALY (Fluorescent Fixtures)
✓ IDEAL LUX, ITALY (Decorative Light Indoor & Outdoor)
✓ ADLFO ALBA, SPAIN (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ IVELLA, ITALY (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ IBER LAMP, SPAIN (Indoor Lights Such as Down Lights & Spot Lights)
✓ SIDE, ITALY (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ P.U.K, ITALY (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ LUBORN EXTERIORS, HONGKONG (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ LUXLUM, SPAIN (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ DISANO, ITALY (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ PLATEK, ITALY (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ IRIS CRISTAL, SPAIN (Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ LAVAI, ITALY (Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ DELIGHTFULL, PORTUGAL (Decorative indoor Lights & Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ STILLUX, ITALY (Decorative indoor Lights & Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ LIVING LIGHT, ITALY (Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ LA ROSA, ITALY (Hand-made Decorative & Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ VIRTUS, SPAIN (Hand-made Decorative Brass Items)
✓ STILARS, ITALY (Hand-made Decorative Brass Items)
✓ ASFOUR CRYSTAL, EYGPT (Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ LIGHT STUDIO, GERMANY (Decorative Indoor Modern Lights)
✓ RENZO, ITALY (Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ ARCHEO VENICE DESIGN, ITALY (Decorative Indoor Lights)
✓ STONE LIGHT, SPAIN (Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ ROBILUZ, SPAIN (Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ BIFFI LUCE, ITALY (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ ERREBI LUCE, ITALY (Indoor & Outdoor Lightings)
✓ CONALUX, SPAIN (Indoor Lights Such as Down Lights & Spot Lights)
✓ AVES, TURKEY (Crystal Chandeliers)
✓ VETRI LAMP, ITALY (Decorative Indoor Lights)ormance reliability .

Beside these, we have Egyptian & Indian factories for Antique type Chandeliers suitable for Mosques & Malls. We also source ‘A’ Grade P.R.C. products, which we could supply based on customer’s demand.